Welding Automation-Submerged Arc Retrofit

RJ Kates Automation Retrofit

30 Year Old Equipment- BEFORE

Using the existing manipulator, we revitalized the ram motion by polishing the top and bottom round rails and upgraded the operator pendant with a five turn pot with a counter and lock.  All of the welding equipment was replaced with pre-programmable, closed-loop feedback technology.  This allows the operator to “pre-program” the welding parameters digitally.  The closed-loop technology constantly monitors the parameters to maintain what the operator had programmed. In addition, we added an air powered flux recovery unit and a precision laser pointer to guide the welding path.  R.J. Kates Company, Inc. specializes in complete retrofits on all brands of welding automation.

RJ Kates Company automation retrofit before and after

30 Year Old Equipment- AFTER



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