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ProHeat Rolling Inductor.

Powering a heating revolution—for preheat of moving parts up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315°C). The ProHeat 35 rolling induction system is a simple and cost-effective heating solution which delivers fast and consistent heat for pipe fabrication shops that weld pipe … Continue reading

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Welding Automation-Submerged Arc Retrofit

Using the existing manipulator, we revitalized the ram motion by polishing the top and bottom round rails and upgraded the operator pendant with a five turn pot with a counter and lock.  All of the welding equipment was replaced with … Continue reading

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Rail System Alignment

A very important part of a cutting machine’s ability to cut accurately is the rail system.  In Southern California the ground expands and contracts during the year. In addition, ground movement caused by reoccurring earthquakes plays havoc on the rail … Continue reading

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CNC Plasma cutting machine calibration

Who says “coupons” are just for grocery shopping.  To provide the best cut quality from your cutting machine, it is wise to do a “cut test coupon” before using the machine on production parts.  A rectangular shape with holes will … Continue reading

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Jobsite Flexibility

A recent addition to our rental fleet is the new 650 amp power supplies configured into “four paks” racks design for the larger jobsites.  These machines use inverter technology for lower energy consumption and higher welding output.  A small generator … Continue reading

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Advancements in “Staged” Retrofits

A “staged” retrofit is the process by which an integrator takes the various components; operators console, control, drive package and cabling and builds the system in their shop, rather than in the field. This helps to reduce downtime and extra … Continue reading

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Preventative Maintenance #1

When you have made a substantial capital investment in a new CNC plasma cutting machine, a preventative maintenance program should be a priority. In some cases, the end-user may have maintenance personnel that can perform these scheduled tasks. Similar to … Continue reading

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Plasma Torch Upgrades

If you have a Hypertherm HyDefinition plasma cutting system, then you may be able to take advantage of their torch technology upgrades.  These upgrades are for systems such as the HT2000, HD3070, HPR130, HPR260 and HPR400. Consider extending your equipment … Continue reading

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Rent vs. Own #1

Do you have a trained maintenance staff to do ongoing maintenance and repair to your welding equipment fleet?. If you don’t, consider renting welding equipment rather than buying your own equipment. When you arrive at your jobsite, you need equipment … Continue reading

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Efficient Power Distribution On Site

Welding equipment continues to evolve, making jobsite equipment placement easier to plan, before the job starts. Many contractors still use multiple diesel driven welding machines at a jobsite. Each day someone has to fill each machine with diesel fuel. To … Continue reading

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