ProHeat Rolling Inductor.


Powering a heating revolution—for preheat of moving parts up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315°C).

index The ProHeat 35 rolling induction system is a simple and cost-effective heating solution which delivers fast and consistent heat for pipe fabrication shops that weld pipe spools for the refinery, petrochemical, power and HVAC industries. Liquid-cooled induction head for use with ProHeat 35, includes thermocouple extension cable and cable cover. The optional mounting arm allows the rolling inductor to ride on the top or side of the pipe.

Optimal consistency and quality

• The rolling induction system eliminates the inconsistencies and quality issues associated with open-flame-torch heating methods

• Temperature measurement allows operators to set and achieve targeted preheat temperatures easily with limited button pushing

• The travel detect system prevents hot spots by controlling output based on travel speeds and turning output off if the part is not moving

Improved safety

• Eliminates open flames, reducing burn as well as fumes and explosive gas hazards

• Direct heat transfer results in cooler shop environment that reduces operator fatigue and improves work conditions

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Welding Automation-Submerged Arc Retrofit

RJ Kates Automation Retrofit

30 Year Old Equipment- BEFORE

Using the existing manipulator, we revitalized the ram motion by polishing the top and bottom round rails and upgraded the operator pendant with a five turn pot with a counter and lock.  All of the welding equipment was replaced with pre-programmable, closed-loop feedback technology.  This allows the operator to “pre-program” the welding parameters digitally.  The closed-loop technology constantly monitors the parameters to maintain what the operator had programmed. In addition, we added an air powered flux recovery unit and a precision laser pointer to guide the welding path.  R.J. Kates Company, Inc. specializes in complete retrofits on all brands of welding automation.

RJ Kates Company automation retrofit before and after

30 Year Old Equipment- AFTER



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Rail System Alignment

A very important part of a cutting machine’s ability to cut accurately is the rail system.  In Southern California the ground expands and contracts during the year. In addition, ground movement caused by reoccurring earthquakes plays havoc on the rail alignment.  A factor can be a forklift or something striking a rail.

Rail System Alignment Tips

Rail System Alignment Tips

A rail that is misaligned can cause additional wear and damage to the pinion gears, gearboxes and motors.  To determine if your rails are straight, stretch piano wire tightly from end to end.  Visually look to see if you have any gaps.  These gaps will show a “bowing” effect, either inward or outwards.  Next is to see if the rails are level.  Use a four foot level and go rail section by rail section to see if they are level.  R.J. Kates Company, Inc. offers precision rail alignment services anywhere in Southern California.  Please contact us for more information at 858-565-6960.




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CNC Plasma cutting machine calibration

Who says “coupons” are just for grocery shopping.  To provide the best cut quality from your cutting machine, it is wise to do a “cut test coupon” before using the machine on production parts.  A rectangular shape with holes will provide you with your current machine’s cut quality.  This test should be performed either every day or the beginning of each shift.

Use a Digital Micrometer like the one shown here.

Use a Digital Micrometer like the one shown here.

Once this part is cut, the operator should use a calibrated digital micrometer (pictured above) to check the tolerances in both the X and Y axis on the coupon. Ideally, on a Hy Definition plasma system these should be at 5,000’s.  If they are not, further investigation should be focused at torch level and or the motion on either axis.

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Jobsite Flexibility

A recent addition to our rental fleet is the new 650 amp power supplies configured into “four paks” racks design for the larger jobsites.  These machines use inverter technology for lower energy consumption and higher welding output.  A small generator is required with the Flextech 650 vs. the normal DC-600 machine.

650 Amp Flextech "Four Paks".........what!

650 Amp Flextech “Four Paks”………what!

Each Flextech 650 has an output of 650 amps at 100% duty cycle to run either large diameter innershield wires or larger carbon-arc gouging electrodes.  The smaller footprint of these new “four paks” make them ideal to move around, or through the various floors on a building.

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Advancements in “Staged” Retrofits

A “staged” retrofit is the process by which an integrator takes the various components; operators console, control, drive package and cabling and builds the system in their shop, rather than in the field. This helps to reduce downtime and extra labor costs during an installation. In the shop, the drive package can be engineered, pre-loaded and tested prior to installation at the customer’s site.

RJ Kates Maintenance on CSI Drive

CSI Drive Package

With recent advancements from Cutting Systems, Inc. and Hypertherm; we are pleased to offer a true “staged” retrofit using the Bosch IndraDrive AC brushless digital drive package coupled to Hypertherm’s Edge Control. These systems can be designed for single or dual plasma and/or multiple Oxy-Fuel stations.

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Preventative Maintenance #1

When you have made a substantial capital investment in a new CNC plasma cutting machine, a preventative maintenance program should be a priority. In some cases, the end-user may have maintenance personnel that can perform these scheduled tasks. Similar to owning an automobile, maintenance is required. If maintenance is not performed or skipped; a very high repair bill will be looming.

Hypertherm HyDefinition plasma cutting system upgrade

Hypertherm HyDefinition plasma cutting system upgrade

We offer ongoing, scheduled maintenance program for our customers who own either a Burny- Kaliburn or Hypertherm plasma systems. We follow the PM guidelines that are suggested by these manufactures. Our goal is to keep your cutting machine performing “like new” for many years to come.

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Plasma Torch Upgrades

If you have a Hypertherm HyDefinition plasma cutting system, then you may be able to take advantage of their torch technology upgrades.  These upgrades are for systems such as the HT2000, HD3070, HPR130, HPR260 and HPR400.

Plasma Torch Upgrades

Plasma Torch Upgrades

Consider extending your equipment life by improving cut quality and extending consumable life. These torch upgrades significantly improve consumables life, as compared to the original torch that arrived with the machine.  We highly recommends these Hypertherm torch upgrades for customers who currently have one of these systems.

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Rent vs. Own #1

Do you have a trained maintenance staff to do ongoing maintenance and repair to your welding equipment fleet?. If you don’t, consider renting welding equipment rather than buying your own equipment. When you arrive at your jobsite, you need equipment that is ready to weld. Consider our company who offers rental welding equipment throughout Southern California. If there is a rental equipment problem, we will “change it out” to minimize any downtime to our customer.

RJ Kates Welding & Cutting Rental Inventory

RJ Kates Welding & Cutting Rental Inventory

In many situations, rental is a better financial choice than owning equipment. The rentals can be charged off to the job profit and loss statement. Many of our contractors; steel erectors, mechanical, ship repair prefer renting welding equipment from us because we inspect, test, repair and maintain our welding equipment fleet in house.

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Efficient Power Distribution On Site

Welding equipment continues to evolve, making jobsite equipment placement easier to plan, before the job starts. Many contractors still use multiple diesel driven welding machines at a jobsite. Each day someone has to fill each machine with diesel fuel.

RJ Kates Plasma Retrofit for US. Navy

Efficient power distribution on-site

To simplify your welding equipment needs,  consider using multiple XMT 350 amp inverter welding machines connected to a generator. The XMT 350 amp inverter welding machines are multi-process (Stick, TIG, and Wire) and draw less input electrical power than conventional welders. On a multiple story building; a generator can be staged on the ground, temp power can then be pulled throughout the building. The contractor can then move the 350 amp inverters to whatever floor the work is located at. Only one diesel to fill per day!

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